What is Pixtri?

About Pixtri

Pixtri, an innovative spin-off of the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien), provides a picture-based recommender system, along with a revolutionary new way to profile and segment customers and thereby allowing new ways to engage with your customers.

Mission & Vision

A picture is worth a thousand words?

Sometimes even more than 1000 words! Our system allows your customers to make decisions without being able to put preferences in words.

Show me your pictures… and I show you the world!


Services offered by Pixtri

Picture-based recommender system

Did you know that your customers have to make decisions even if they don’t know what they really want yet?

Make it easier for them!

We provide an intuitive, interactive and fun approach for customers to make decisions, even if they can’t put their preferences into words – with our picture-based recommender system.

Our game-changing marketing approach

Isn’t it the standard procedure for companies to put each customer in a specific category?

Be different!

With our game-changing marketing approach, we look at people as a mixture of different preferences. We show you a new way to better understand your customers, and support you to engage more successfully with them.

Statistical Analyses to grow your business

You have lots of data and don’t know what to do with it?

Don’t worry!

We have the knowledge and experience of providing data analyses to support you understanding your data better.


Our expertise

Travel Industry

The travel industry is the starting point of Pixtri and therefore the main field of our expertise.

Numerous projects over the last years and continous advancements of our products and expertise have led to clients that are happy with our products and trust our services.

Event Industry

Research projects in the event industry have shown the applicability and advantages of our approach.

Fashion Industry

Ongoing research projects have shown the applicability of our approach despite the many characteristics of the fashion industry.

Other Industries

We are continuosly pursuing to expand our expertise and our products to new branches.

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Our award-winning prototype for the Travel Industry

Almost all tourism search engines are restricted to a text-based or purely attribute-based search for points of interest (POI). In such cases, users must know their search criteria and needs before looking for any kind of touristic object (e.g. destination of the upcoming trip). However, this does not correlate with the user’s real search behaviour – especially in early stages of the travel decision.

To solve this problem and to support users in their early trip-planning phases, we developed a picture-based search and recommender system. By the help of a web-based portal and a pre-defined set of pictures, we capture the (implicitly given) emotions and desires of the user. The users can select pictures that reflect their current emotional state and as a result, the platform recommends applicable tourist objects (e.g. city, sight or even activity, etc.).

From a technical point of view, we integrate tourist types and personality types into one model, obtaining travel factors and assigning pictures to those. On the other hand touristic objects (POI) vary in their attractiveness to certain factors, which in turn can be described by pictures as well. This means, that POIs have a certain picture-based profile too. These picture assignments on both sides (users and POIs) open the gates for a picture-based search and recommendation of tourist objects:

  1. The user chooses a set of images that reflect their current travel emotion.
  2. pixmeaway™ calculates the user’s personal profile by interpreting the selected pictures.
  3. A special algorithm compares the user’s profile with all profiles of tourist objects that are stored in the database.
  4. Our platform recommends a set of tourist objects matching the user’s profile.

Outstanding Industry Contribution Award

ENTER Conference, organized by the International Federation for Information Technology and Travel and Tourism (IFITT)

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The team behind Pixtri

Univ. Prof. Dr. Hannes Werthner

Univ. Prof. Dr. Hannes Werthner

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor
Hannes Werthner is the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology, as well as professor for e-Commerce, the head of the e-Commerce group at the IFS institue, and the director of the Vienna PhD School for Informatics. In 2011 he founded – together with Rainer Schuster – the company Pixtri OG.
 Dr. Rainer Schuster

Dr. Rainer Schuster

Co-Founder & CEO
Rainer Schuster is the CEO of the Pixtri OG. He received his PhD in business informatics from the Vienna University of Technology in 2010. Together with Prof. Werthner he developed the algorithm for the picture-based search engine in the area of tourism.


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